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The 21 Taras of Atisha... With a blend of modern day digital photography and a great appreciation for the age-old Buddhist art of thangka paintings, the twenty-one emanations of Tara are being created by Eric D. Hatchell of Wordmarque Design & Photography. At present seven are complete, with seven more in the works, as part of a photography project taking place in the Ancient Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Our mission: To breathe life into the Tara through art and awareness, while ultimately offering the world a positive and meaningful spiritual experience.

More Exhibits

Angels & Mystics Located in "The Land Of Deities" this contemporary Himalayan art exhibit blends the seemingly opposite faiths associated with Christian Angels and Buddhist Mystics, as a celebration of the feminine divine and its transcendental properties.

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Rays of Light and Sacred Guardian Spirits Buddhist teachings may connect enlightenment with the means for one to fly. This exhibit embodies western interpretation of eastern exploration including this dreamlike ability to soar.

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